dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Anatomy sketch

Getting the hang of it. Here another one (I hate drawing hands anf feet so I kinda skipped that).
Imagesource from: Yolinda Dekker facebook.

maandag 30 mei 2016

Getting back to drawing

After those few years after graduating I sincerely forget how to draw a person. I started hating drawing and painting at the art academy. I figured out ones a hobby become a job it's not fun anymore. I continued through life with drawing rebelic stickfigures :p But my grudge against drawing has been vanished and I want to pick it up again. So here my friend Lara, it took me way too long and in the beginning I thought it would fail epicly, but the end is okay enough for me. 

dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Deventer Raamwerk animation and docu

Visual artist Loes invites 2300 citizens to donate their finger or toe print for her project Deventer Raamwerk. The prints have a place in the frameworks of the City Hall district. Cast in aluminum and framed by oak windows. Not a single frame is the same. The Town Hall Quarter was designed by Michiel Riedijk, Neutelings Riedijk Architects.
The mini-docu and the papercraft animation are directed and animated by Local Androids.

Client: Deventer city

Like living organsims in Vincent van Gogh museum

'Like living Organisms is an interactive skindress that expresses excitement like between two people when they first meet.
Our work breathes; it shows a pulse through its veins on the hips and inflates/deflates the shoulder balloons. When approached it responds by increasing its pulse rate through the veins as if it's excited. It's now up to the visitor to respond to this excitement. Upon contact the suit will show it's vulnerable side by deflating the shoulder balloons.

04-04-2014 & 11-04-2014
Vincent van Gogh museum, Amsterdam (NL)

Hybrid Skin

10-10-2013 t/m 24-11-2013
Tetem, Enschede (NL)

Discovery Festival
De verdieping/ Trouw, Amsterdam (NL)

Firestarters Masterclass, Amsterdam Fashion Week
13-07- 2013
Westerunie, Amsterdam (NL)

Three.d Magazine
11-07-2013 t/m 14-07-2013 

Bauhaus Universität, Weimar (DE)
Still Unidentified Objects, Transnatural
01-03-2013 t/m 01-07-2013
Workspace, Amsterdam (NL)

Year Of The Engineer
ING, Amsterdam (NL)

Pretty Smart Textiles

28-10-2-12 t/m 16-12-2012
Tio3, Ronse (BE)


06-2012 t/m 08-2012
Q21 MuseumQuartier, Wenen (AT)

Pictures taken at Vincent van Gogh museum


maandag 9 juni 2014

Collaboration: Wetzer & Baauw

"a serene and humorous fine art duo"

Wetzer & Baauw is a collaboration between Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw.
They met each other at the art academy and share a fascination with skin, genderdiversity and identity. With their ongoing project X and some other chromosome they focus on these themes.

Together they did a few project and also were
guest curators for MU Artspace, Gender blender exhibition. Genderblender you can visit untill 17 August 2014, Eindhoven.
Left: Hanneke Wetzer, right: Leonie Baauw

Exhibition Genderblender, guest curators/artists Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw

MU | Strijp S

Opening: June 6 from 8 pm Afterparty: June 6 from 11 pm GenderBlender Weekend Special on 4, 5 and 6 July with debates, lectures, performances, workshops, vaudeville and films.

Femininity, masculinity, and everything in between. With GenderBlender MU and guest curators/artists Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw are focusing on the sliding scale between 100% XX and 100 % XY chromosomes, between male and female.

For GenderBlender, MU is bringing together a wide range of internationally acclaimed works centred on gender. Films, photographs, installations, sculptures, drawings and performances that offer a challenge and raise questions, but that will also trigger reflection. Alongside the exhibition there will be a fringe programme with various debates, lectures, performances, vaudeville acts, workshops and films. And we are presenting a special GenderBlender publication compiled by the editorial team of the flamboyant Et Alors? magazine.
Artists whose work is presented as part of GenderBlender include Silvia B., BeAnotherLab, Heather Cassils, Matthijs Holland, Hannah Honeywill, Han Hoogerbrugge, Rad Hourani, JJ Levine, Marie Losier | Genesis P. Orridge & Lady Jaye, Roland Maas, Gabriel Maher, Tareq Sayed Rajab de Montfort, Mr and Mrs Murray, Anaisa Franco Nascimento, Barbara Nordhjem, Hana Pesut, Willem Popelier, Pyuupiru, Emmet Ramstad, Sven Ratzke | Dennis Veldman, Coco Riot, Antoine Timmermans | Tim Lienhard,  Petra van Velzen, Charlotte Vlaanderen, Rein Vollenga, Wetzer & Baauw and Charlie White.

Transfusion puzzle (by Wetzer & Baauw)

What is a man? What is a woman? 

We assume that a human with XY chromosomes, two testicles and a penis is a man.
A human with XX chromosomes, two ovaries and a vagina is a woman.
But the biology shows that it’s not that clear. For example, the genes package can be XXY,
someone can be born with both female and male sexual characteristics, or born as a ’boy’ but feel a girl from the inside. There are many more ways a distinction can be made between a man or woman than on the basis of appearance and secondary sexual characteristics. 

The puzzle Transfusion, made by Wetzer & Baauw (Hanneke Wetzer & Leonie Baauw), is specially developed for GenderBlender and focuses on anatomy and secondary sexual characteristics. 
By using the life size puzzle pieces, visitors can compose their own imaginary body and play with the gray area between man and woman.

Jasper just right before the opening of "Genderblender".

The man and the woman can be combined.

dinsdag 6 mei 2014


Happy to announce that I and Hanneke Wetzer are curating an exhibition in artspace "MU", Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Our exhibition is called Genderblender:

Femininity, masculinity, and everything in between. With the GenderBlender project, MU and guest curators/artists Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw will be focusing on the sliding scale between 100% XX and 100 % XY chromosomes, between male and female.

some of the artists:

Pyuupiru, Silvia B., Matthijs Holland, Sayyid Tareq de Montfort, Heather Cassils, Hana Pesut, Han Hoogerbrugge, Willem Popelier and many more.

Read further: genderblender
Or: pdf

vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Don't be a man. Act like a lady

Another Collaboration by Hanneke and me (as we go under the name Wetzer & Baauw).

Our video 'Don't be a man, act like a lady' leads to discussion. What is gender? What makes one a man or a woman? Is it nature or nurture? Apart from our physical internal and external bodies and some genes and hormones what really defines a man or a woman mentally? And how much does it matter?

In the video you see a lady, supressing het manlyhood. The harder she tries to supress it, the louder her manly-side comes out.

Arggg... can't seem to find how to embed Vimeo... oh well. Here is a link :)

http://vimeo.com/85160097The video was a part of the exhibition 'Shameless m/f' in TAC Eindhoven (NL).

dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Wetzer & Baauw: X and some other chromosome

Wetzer & Baauw is a collaboration between Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw. They met each other at the art academy and share a fascination with gender and skin.

In the project X and some other chromosome Wetzer & Baauw made
a portrait series of 100 people. The portraits included an infographic that shows how much male and female they feel. The series shows the large grey area between males and female.
This puts to the questions; are there real males or females at all? Apart from our physical bodies and some hormones what really defines a male or female mentally? And how much does it matter?

Here a small preview:

X60%Y40% Hanneke Wetzer
X36%Y64% Leonie Baauw
X70%Y30% Dagmar

X55%Y45% Harrie

X0%Y100% Gerard

X35%Y65% Bart

X80%Y20% Lola

X0%Y0% Angelique

Small update

Misscarriage (2012)
So some stuff we're busy with lately :)

Opening exhibition 'Still Unidentified Objects' 1 March 2013 from Local Androids on Vimeo.

D J A N G O couture winter 2013 from Local Androids on Vimeo.

vrijdag 28 december 2012

-Some productpictures
- Exhibition in Ronse (Belgium)
- Catwalk video, the year of the engineer

woensdag 25 juli 2012

Fashion Photography by Local Androids

Here is a selection of some fashionshoots we shot for fashiondesigners. As our studio Local Androids we stand for "materials, real as possible'. We tried to visualize there concepts with as less photoshop as possible. We made decors, manquettes, printed models, scratched on scanners, played with light and ducktaped like our lives where depending on it.

Curiosity - Marieke van Geffen fashionvideo from Local Androids on Vimeo.

Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Marieke van Geffen - Contortionists (models): Daniëlle Bubberman, Shanice Bosboom - Hair/make-up: Aljona Minejeva
The distortions are made by hand (scratching on the scanner).
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Nicolien Den Hertog - Model: Aimée Gersons - Hair/make-up: Jenny Kroese
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Malou Beemer - Model: Lara Aimee - Hair: Aljona Minejeva
Playing with the shuttertime.

Photo: Local Androids - Concept/stylist: Thiska van den Heuvel - Model: Sieger Jan
The model was laying on the ground on a black sheet with a ducktape drawing. Shot from above from a
Photo: Local Androids - Model/singer: Chi Mharaj - Hair/make-up: Naoual Ourchane - Designers: Annemarie Westen; Nynke Eggen; Britt Schoorl; Sio Van Bochove - Interview/production/styling: Nadia Doudou
Shot for an artikel in GHUBAR.
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Laura Mulder - Model: Thiska van den Heuvel, Lara Aimee - Hair: Jenny Kroese
Handmade manquette with coral.
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Britt Schoorl - Model: Carlijn Pranger
Photo: Local Androids - Client: Tilsuitable - Model: Lars Reimink - Hair: Jenny Kroese
Also shot from a
scaffold. Cracks made with gypsum/sand/paint.

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Corporate identity for 'Converge' (organic vegetables)

Corporate identity for 'Converge' (organic vegetables) including: logo, 2 types business cards, animation, website, labels, printing paper.

Business cards. Folded and the easy double printed version.
Example labels