woensdag 25 juli 2012

Fashion Photography by Local Androids

Here is a selection of some fashionshoots we shot for fashiondesigners. As our studio Local Androids we stand for "materials, real as possible'. We tried to visualize there concepts with as less photoshop as possible. We made decors, manquettes, printed models, scratched on scanners, played with light and ducktaped like our lives where depending on it.

Curiosity - Marieke van Geffen fashionvideo from Local Androids on Vimeo.

Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Marieke van Geffen - Contortionists (models): Daniëlle Bubberman, Shanice Bosboom - Hair/make-up: Aljona Minejeva
The distortions are made by hand (scratching on the scanner).
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Nicolien Den Hertog - Model: Aimée Gersons - Hair/make-up: Jenny Kroese
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Malou Beemer - Model: Lara Aimee - Hair: Aljona Minejeva
Playing with the shuttertime.

Photo: Local Androids - Concept/stylist: Thiska van den Heuvel - Model: Sieger Jan
The model was laying on the ground on a black sheet with a ducktape drawing. Shot from above from a
Photo: Local Androids - Model/singer: Chi Mharaj - Hair/make-up: Naoual Ourchane - Designers: Annemarie Westen; Nynke Eggen; Britt Schoorl; Sio Van Bochove - Interview/production/styling: Nadia Doudou
Shot for an artikel in GHUBAR.
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Laura Mulder - Model: Thiska van den Heuvel, Lara Aimee - Hair: Jenny Kroese
Handmade manquette with coral.
Photo: Local Androids - Designer: Britt Schoorl - Model: Carlijn Pranger
Photo: Local Androids - Client: Tilsuitable - Model: Lars Reimink - Hair: Jenny Kroese
Also shot from a
scaffold. Cracks made with gypsum/sand/paint.

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