maandag 9 juni 2014

Transfusion puzzle (by Wetzer & Baauw)

What is a man? What is a woman? 

We assume that a human with XY chromosomes, two testicles and a penis is a man.
A human with XX chromosomes, two ovaries and a vagina is a woman.
But the biology shows that it’s not that clear. For example, the genes package can be XXY,
someone can be born with both female and male sexual characteristics, or born as a ’boy’ but feel a girl from the inside. There are many more ways a distinction can be made between a man or woman than on the basis of appearance and secondary sexual characteristics. 

The puzzle Transfusion, made by Wetzer & Baauw (Hanneke Wetzer & Leonie Baauw), is specially developed for GenderBlender and focuses on anatomy and secondary sexual characteristics. 
By using the life size puzzle pieces, visitors can compose their own imaginary body and play with the gray area between man and woman.

Jasper just right before the opening of "Genderblender".

The man and the woman can be combined.

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