dinsdag 6 mei 2014


Happy to announce that I and Hanneke Wetzer are curating an exhibition in artspace "MU", Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Our exhibition is called Genderblender:

Femininity, masculinity, and everything in between. With the GenderBlender project, MU and guest curators/artists Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw will be focusing on the sliding scale between 100% XX and 100 % XY chromosomes, between male and female.

some of the artists:

Pyuupiru, Silvia B., Matthijs Holland, Sayyid Tareq de Montfort, Heather Cassils, Hana Pesut, Han Hoogerbrugge, Willem Popelier and many more.

Read further: genderblender
Or: pdf

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