dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Like living organsims in Vincent van Gogh museum

'Like living Organisms is an interactive skindress that expresses excitement like between two people when they first meet.
Our work breathes; it shows a pulse through its veins on the hips and inflates/deflates the shoulder balloons. When approached it responds by increasing its pulse rate through the veins as if it's excited. It's now up to the visitor to respond to this excitement. Upon contact the suit will show it's vulnerable side by deflating the shoulder balloons.

04-04-2014 & 11-04-2014
Vincent van Gogh museum, Amsterdam (NL)

Hybrid Skin

10-10-2013 t/m 24-11-2013
Tetem, Enschede (NL)

Discovery Festival
De verdieping/ Trouw, Amsterdam (NL)

Firestarters Masterclass, Amsterdam Fashion Week
13-07- 2013
Westerunie, Amsterdam (NL)

Three.d Magazine
11-07-2013 t/m 14-07-2013 

Bauhaus Universit├Ąt, Weimar (DE)
Still Unidentified Objects, Transnatural
01-03-2013 t/m 01-07-2013
Workspace, Amsterdam (NL)

Year Of The Engineer
ING, Amsterdam (NL)

Pretty Smart Textiles

28-10-2-12 t/m 16-12-2012
Tio3, Ronse (BE)


06-2012 t/m 08-2012
Q21 MuseumQuartier, Wenen (AT)

Pictures taken at Vincent van Gogh museum


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