dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Wetzer & Baauw: X and some other chromosome

Wetzer & Baauw is a collaboration between Hanneke Wetzer and Leonie Baauw. They met each other at the art academy and share a fascination with gender and skin.

In the project X and some other chromosome Wetzer & Baauw made
a portrait series of 100 people. The portraits included an infographic that shows how much male and female they feel. The series shows the large grey area between males and female.
This puts to the questions; are there real males or females at all? Apart from our physical bodies and some hormones what really defines a male or female mentally? And how much does it matter?

Here a small preview:

X60%Y40% Hanneke Wetzer
X36%Y64% Leonie Baauw
X70%Y30% Dagmar

X55%Y45% Harrie

X0%Y100% Gerard

X35%Y65% Bart

X80%Y20% Lola

X0%Y0% Angelique

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