woensdag 3 augustus 2011

Graduation exposition

Graduation projecttitel: Work In Progress
Project/concept/animations/graphics: Leonie Baauw
Max/MSP/Jitter: Jerke van den Braak

The exposition was a pretty big succes. I was hoping for a wide variety visitors who curious were going to try out my interactive installation, since my target audience was the mainstream. Not only dare devils dare to try it out, but whole families participated from 1 to 70 years old. Here some results (video will be uploaded soon)! For explanation/concept of the installation, scroll one blog update down.

A webcam above the screen was placed, so when visitors walked they saw themselves on screen.

I made 20 unique animations. By keeping one button pressed, a modification would grow on the face of the visitor. For instance a grassbeard would grow. But there was also the possibiliy to press more buttons at the same time to cover up your whole face. By facetracking the modifications scaled/moved allong with the movements of the person, so it fits perfectly on every face.

A few result screenshots.

Afterward modificating yourself there was an option to print the end result. However, the modification was not on the print. The first reactions were "is it broken?" "he, it's not on it'. But by looking twice, they read the text with explanation that everybody is curious how he/she look different (for example: creating wii character) if you wanted to see those modifications on the photo you should change in reallife. The anti-climax wasn't a dissapointment at all. Instead people brought their friend to try it out too.

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