woensdag 2 februari 2011

Theme: modify

Identity result after photographing 1 week (second picture 2 weeks). Life is about changing. Everyday we change. Why judge somebody by their temporary appearance.

Yesterday I did a testshoot of modifying. (I just found out my cheeks are bruised O__O', no wonder I couldn't find another victim).

I'm drawing a series of children that already have scars of things that they might consider doing in the future. Because I think children these days are to early confronted and manipulated by our media. 2 others of this series are coming up soon

For the serie Gravity we took the same picture in everytime different angles.
  1. Normal (standing straight)
  2. 90 Degrees over (drewling on the camera ;))
  3. Upperbody 90 degrees to the side
  4. Hanging upside down
  5. Body parallel to the ground (laying back)
If your beautiful or not, the impression you make depands on the circumstances. Although the lighting, model, expression, styling, angle is the same it doesn't guarantee the same quality of appearance.

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