zondag 26 september 2010

Internship: BART HESS

Bart Hess:

Above is a small selection of the work of Bart Hess and the collaboration with Lucy McRae. He's is an amazing designer with many talents (animation, textile, photography). So the new schoolyear has just started and that means my internship days are over :( I had such a great time working for Bart Hess and of course learned allot since his work is very various. Here are some projects I worked allong with:

Modefabriek: cutting edge & next
(We did do the videoprojection)

Creating a wetlookfabric for Ann Sofie Back (Swedish Fashion Designer):

(Above) The final result from the collection "Atelje" at the fashion show in London (photosource: Elle).
(Below) Process of creating the fabric. (I'm a bit camera-shy :)).

Anne-Caire Petit:


Mid-E is a platform for contemporary art in Spain.
We worked on making different silhouettes (costumes and fabrics) and animations for the show.
And also Bart gave a workshop overthere.

(Below) Process of making the fabrics.

(Below) For the cover of my internshippaper (does that word even exist?) I made these 2 photo's:

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